The SFUMU Research Group

Current Research Group

Lalangi Chandrasena Ph.D. student
Yushi Ding M.Sc. student



Dr. Jason Clyburne Canada Research Chair in Environmental Studies and Materials, St. Mary's University
Dr. Derek Gates Professor of Chemistry at The University of British Columbia
Dr. Khashayar Ghandi Associate Professor of Chemistry at Mount Allison University
Dr. Iain McKenzie Research Scientist, Centre for Molecular and Materials Science, TRIUMF
Dr. Robert West Professor Emeritus, Organosilicon Research Center, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin

Graduates and Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Mina Mozafari Ph.D. (2017)
Dr. Brett McCollum Ph.D. (2008)
Dr. Iain McKenzie Ph.D. (2004)
Sonja Kecman M.Sc. (2004)
Dr. Khashayar Ghandi Ph.D. (2002)
Dr. Brenda Addison-Jones Ph.D. (2000)
Feng Ji M.Sc. (1994)
Dr. Sunny Sun-Mack Ph.D. (1994)
Dr. Siu-Keung Leung Ph.D. (1991)
Dr. Dake Yu Ph.D. (1989)
Dr. Joachim Schüth PDF (1996-1997)
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