Uphold Truth and Reconciliation

SFU recognizes and honours the title and rights of Indigenous people as stated in UNDRIP and we respect and partner with the host Indigenous Nations on which our campuses are located. We have the responsibility to illuminate the truth of Indigenous people in Canada and around the world and to begin to chart a path of Reconciliation.

We will embrace this critical and complex call, striving to create a strong and safe sense of belonging for all Indigenous people to discover and unlock their gifts.


Through this strategy we will:

Improve the support, mentorship and recruitment of Indigenous students, with continuing focus on curriculum innovation, welcoming spaces and learner pathways.

Strengthen Indigenous faculty and staff attraction and retention through targeted hires and permanent positions, embedding Indigenous knowledge systems and ways of knowing.

Harness momentum and insight for sustainable change within and beyond SFU, aligning our priorities and approach through a new Indigenous Strategic Plan.

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Read the full strategy to see why and how we're taking the next step of SFU's journey—together.