Update on Research Assistants

January 30, 2024

As of January 23, 2024, Employed Research Assistants (those whose research duties are considered employment) have been made formal members of the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) through a variance process.

The Research Assistant bargaining proceedings under the former Voluntary Recognition Agreement was paused in summer 2023 while the TSSU took an alternative path to certification through the BC Labour Board. This certification was formalized in response to TSSU’s application to the BC Labour Board and subsequent vote by Employed Research Assistants.  

Graduate Student Research Assistants (those whose research duties are considered scholarship) are not formal TSSU members at this time. TSSU’s application to include Graduate Student Research Assistants as members will be heard at the BC Labour Board beginning February 2024. 

As a next step for Employed Research Assistants, a collective agreement with language that outlines the terms and conditions for this group will be developed through the collective bargaining process. The parties will resume collective bargaining in a mutually agreed upon timeline as soon as reasonably possible.  

The university will provide more information via the Collective Bargaining webpage as it becomes available.