Transform the SFU Experience

Meet SFU’s 2023 Staff Achievement Award recipients

March 05, 2024

Each year, the Staff Achievement Awards recognize outstanding staff who embody SFU values and have made notable efforts towards transforming the SFU experience for all those who learn and work here. 

Below, you can read more about the award winners who were nominated by their colleagues for their contributions to the SFU community in 2023. Congratulations!

Community Contribution

Awarded to a staff member who devotes significant time and energy to giving back to their community, embodying SFU’s priority of making a difference for B.C.

Jasmine Glaw

Coordinator, Indigenous Student Life  

Jasmin is being recognized for her outstanding and tireless work for the Indigenous Student Centre across Surrey and Burnaby campuses, providing support and mentorship to Indigenous students throughout their educational journey. She also gives significant time and energy to planning and leading SFU community events such as the Indigenous Market, which brought more than 40 vendors to Burnaby campus.  

Equity & Belonging

Awarded to a staff member who exemplifies strong advocacy for equity and belonging by working to create an inclusive, supportive and affirming community at SFU where all can thrive. 

Delia Chitiroga

Office Coordinator, Facilities Services 

Delia has had a transformational effect in helping to shape Facilities Services as a vibrant and respectful place of work. On many occasions, she has gone above and beyond to celebrate diversity and uniqueness, exemplify strong advocacy for equity and belonging and help to create an inclusive, supportive and affirming community at SFU where all can thrive.

Gloria Chu

Director, Ceremonies and Events 

Gloria demonstrates leadership, compassion and dedication to advancing equity and belonging in all that she does. From her commitment to building meaningful relationships with Indigenous elders, advisors and knowledge keepers to her work on incorporating inclusive and accessible protocols and practices at Convocation, events and ceremonies, Gloria continuously sets an example of what it means to transform the SFU experience for all those who learn and work here.


Awarded to a staff member who embodies the SFU values of innovation and adaptability by optimizing processes, technology and facilities to support people, propel the academic mandate and reinforce responsible stewardship to transform the SFU experience for all.  

Taha Al-Khudairi

Manager, Instructional Research & Research Laboratories - School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering

As a constant innovator and dedicated employee of more than 15 years, Taha has been a catalyst in developing teaching laboratories and academic programs in SFU’s School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering (MSE). As one of the founding members of MSE, he has worked to establish and refine methodologies to provide students with high quality education and opportunities to lead cutting-edge research.


Awarded to a People Leader who exemplifies leadership skills that create conditions for their team to flourish by integrating progressive people practices that centre equity, encourage healthy working practices and ensure a thriving SFU.

Les Reimer

Acting Associate Director, Counselling Services 

Les has supported hundreds of practicum and internship students in their clinical work and is described as being a pillar of support for his colleagues. As a caring therapist, he has saved and changed SFU student lives for more than 20 years. 

Student Service

Awarded to a staff member who puts students at the heart of all they do by building systems that promote student success, improve campus vibrancy and create space for students to do their best work. 

Tyler Schwartz

Coordinator, Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) Co-op Program 

Tyler demonstrates unwavering dedication to students in the SEE co-op program, and creates an open and caring community space where students can freely seek advice and address various co-op related challenges. Students in the program describe Tyler as empathetic, compassionate and committed to providing them with the best possible co-op experience—before, during and after their work terms. 

Michelle Verbrugghe

Director, Office of Student Support, Rights & Responsibilities 

As a champion of wraparound support services for students, Michelle has worked tirelessly to improve access to resources through building cross-university partnerships and encouraging innovation within her team. She and her team support students at some of their most vulnerable moments, including those with complex mental health and personal concerns. Michelle’s leadership and collaborative approach has had a significant impact on transforming the SFU experience for students and she is described by colleagues as putting students at the heart of everything she does. 

Team Service

Recognizes staff teams that exemplify the institutional value of respect and reciprocity, working together to help transform the SFU experience for all those who learn and work at the university. This award must be for a minimum of two staff members working together. 

Indigenous Student Centre – Student Services 

The ten members of the Indigenous Student Centre (ISC) team have stewarded unprecedented growth in support of Indigenous students over the past two years, with new Indigenous student spaces opening on all three SFU campuses and the expansion of the Elders and Knowledge Keepers program from two Elders to five. One student described the Centre as a “home away from home” and “a lifeline” in their academic journey thanks to the efforts of ISC staff. 

The team is commended by colleagues for their dedication to creating a caring, connected community that celebrates and recognizes the many successes of Indigenous students.  

Team Members: Elizabeth Adams, Treena Chambers, Tanu Gamble, Jasmin Glaw, Audrey Heath, Kimberley John, Jessica La Rochelle, Jennifer Reandy, Kaylena Ryan, Gordon Yusko

Workplace Excellence

Awarded to a staff member whose performance embodies SFU values of excellence and responsibility, and whose work consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Azam Bhatti

Student and Alumni Engagement Advisor for Economics

Azam’s vision, skills and outstanding dedication to redefining advising in his department has been transformational to the experiences of soon-to-be graduating students and the involvement of alumni. 

Mercedes Bosa

Faculty Labour Relations Advisor

Now in her second decade at SFU, Mercedes Bosa is described by colleagues as the “glue” that holds her team together and is dedicated to providing the best possible support for faculty members while building strong trust and relationships across her portfolio. Whether she is providing guidance and mentorship to new team members or leading the development and improvement of departmental processes, Mercedes contributes to a better workplace for everyone around her.

Kim Buettner

Technical Lead

Kim Buettner has an unwavering work ethic and exceptional ability to make sound decisions, always putting the needs of her department and research first. She is known as one of the hardest working technicians in the department, where her dedication extends not only to the animals under her care, but also to the colleagues, researchers and lab members she interacts with daily.

Treena Derrick

Manager with Facilities Services Surrey

Treena Derrick is receiving this award for her leadership skills and adaptability in the ever-changing environment that is the Surrey Campus. She is praised for her creative problem-solving abilities, enhancing processes around campus services. Her dedication, passion for people and the Surrey community demonstrates work performance that embodies SFU’s values of excellence and responsibility.

Michael Redhead 

Carpenter with Facilities Services

Michael Redhead is receiving this award for going above and beyond in creating efficiencies and improving operations for the projects, programs and events he oversees. As the shop as well as snow foreperson, Michael has worked tirelessly over the last year reviewing snow clearing maps and assisting with process improvements. He expertly manages the various trades responsible for convocation to ensure SFU is set up to welcome 4,000 graduates and guests each day there are ceremonies. His attention to detail, problem-solving abilities and tireless work ethic have consistently improved the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Facilities’ processes.