Documentation of picket activity at SFU

October 11, 2023

The safety of our community members is our priority, and the university recognizes that strike action can put a strain on relationships and interactions with others.

Update, October 11, 7:50pm -  In response to concerns from our community, SFU has concluded the contract with LGRMG and will reassess how we support safety on our picket lines going forward, as well as how we assess and determine contracted safety providers in the future.

After receiving complaints from faculty, staff, students, contractors and TSSU about behaviour at picket lines, Lions Gate Risk Management Group (LGRMG) was hired to help us to monitor picket line activity.

TSSU was made aware of complaints about picket line behaviour on several occasions, with continued concerns raised about safety. This behaviour included intimidation and entry ways being illegally blocked. SFU has also heard complaints from TSSU members about behaviours from SFU community members. 

TSSU was informed that unsafe behaviours would be documented.

SFU also requested that videotaping only be used in instances of:

  • behaviour escalation at the picket line that could constitute bullying/harassment or physical safety/assault
  • illegal activity

LGRMG is not providing security services or engaging with picketers. The sole purpose of their role is to support the safety of all of SFU’s community members during this difficult time by recording the activities outlined above. 

The right to respect a picket line is legal, as is the decision to enter a picketed building. Thus, under the B.C. Labour code, TSSU members on a picket line are obligated to allow safe and unimpeded passage for anyone choosing to cross.