July Bargaining Summary

August 03, 2023

SFU is actively engaged in collective bargaining and we are committed to approaching these negotiations collaboratively, with the goal of meeting the core interests of all parties and upholding the sustainable interests of the entire SFU community.

Negotiations are guided by the Province’s 2022 Shared Recovery Mandate, which applies to all public sector employers with unionized employees whose collective agreement expired on our after December 31, 2021. To date, about 95% of unionized employees in the province have tentative or ratified agreements settled under the Mandate.

A central web page and regular updates on the status of negotiations with all employee groups is part of our commitment to be transparent about the collective bargaining process.

Visit the recently updated the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website to answer your questions about bargaining, strike action and pickets.

Bargaining at a glance

Employee group Status

APSA (Professional Association)

Bargaining underway with active negotiations on compensation matters running from mid-July to mid-August, 2023.

CUPE Local 3338 (Union)

Tentative agreement reached, union ratification scheduled for August 15 and 16. SFU Board approval vote shortly thereafter.

Poly Party (Union)

Bargaining now complete. Collective Agreement through March 31, 2025 formally ratified by union and approved by SFU Board.

SFUFA (Union)

Parties working to finalize, negotiations continue towards a tentative agreement.

TSSU (Certified Bargaining Unit)

Bargaining continues, university requested additional bargaining dates.

TSSU (Research Assistants)

Negotiations on hold during union card drive.


The university and APSA are currently bargaining in the 30-day window stipulated by the APSA Basic Agreement. These negotiations are ongoing and productive, with each side exchanging proposals. We are hopeful that a tentative agreement can be reached within the 30-day window. Renegotiation of the Basic Agreement will follow negotiations on compensation matters at mutually agreed dates.

CUPE Local 3338

Following a productive round of negotiations, we are pleased to share that the university and CUPE have reached a tentative agreement. This agreement covers the period of April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2025.

This tentative agreement is aligned with SFU’s initiative in becoming a living wage employer, while staying consistent with the Province’s 2022 Shared Recovery Mandate. It will be recommended for ratification to CUPE members, and approval by the SFU Board of Governors and the University Public Sector Employers’ Association. More details will be communicated once the agreement is confirmed by both parties.

The university thanks those who were at the table for a cooperative and mutually beneficial bargaining experience.

Poly Party

Collective bargaining with Poly Party is now complete with the ratification by union members, the University’s Board of Governors and approval by the University Public Sector Employers’ Association. The new Collective Agreement covers the period of April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2025.


The university and SFUFA have continued bargaining discussions, exchanging monetary and non-monetary proposals. The parties have been working towards a tentative agreement via written exchange. Negotiations will continue until an agreement is reached, and these negotiations may continue into the fall.

TSSU Certified Bargaining Unit

SFU’s bargaining team met with TSSU leadership on July 6, 13 and 31, tabling an updated proposal package that includes enhancements to benefits and movement on key issues and packaged proposals that would support mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties. The university is pleased that there has been movement at the bargaining table.

Many outstanding issues remain and the university has requested additional bargaining dates to continue making progress towards a tentative agreement that meets the core needs of both parties and the sustainable interests of the entire SFU community.

TSSU Research Assistants (RAs)

On May 29, TSSU launched a new campaign encouraging RAs to sign union cards in order to apply for union certification at the Labour Relations Board. More information will be shared on this topic as it becomes available.