May Collective Bargaining Updates

June 07, 2023

Overview: Collective bargaining status

Employee Group Status
APSA (Professional Association)

Preliminary conversations underway with parties scheduling negotiations on wages and economic benefits in July and Basic Agreement dates in the Fall

CUPE (Union)

Bargaining will begin June 28, 2023; initial meetings now being held to exchange background information

Poly Party (Union)

Parties to recommence bargaining in June   

SFUFA (Union)

Bargaining is in progress with several articles agreed upon and monetary proposals exchanged; negotiations are expected to continue through June

TSSU (Certified Bargaining Unit)

Bargaining scheduled on June 8 with SFU proposing additional bargaining dates

TSSU (Research Assistants)

Negotiations on hold during union card drive


The University and APSA met on May 29 to discuss the two upcoming rounds of negotiation, for both compensation matters under article 8.1 of the Basic Agreement, and then separately for the renegotiation of the Basic Agreement itself.

The parties had a productive conversation and are currently canvassing dates for July for negotiating compensation matters. The parties will work on protocol and proposal development through June. Basic Agreement negotiations will begin this fall, with parties looking to book dates starting in October.


Bargaining between CUPE and the University is proceeding as planned, beginning on June 28, 2023.  

POLY Party

SFU and Poly Party have made significant progress on the assignment of labour market adjustments to address wage parity and the parties anticipate that bargaining will recommence later this month.  SFU’s bargaining team looks forward to re-engaging in negotiations and to reaching an agreement that reflects the mutual interests of both Poly Party and the University.


The University and SFUFA have been meeting twice a month in 2023. The bargaining teams continue to work positively with many articles signed off and a number of articles agreed upon. The parties have exchanged monetary proposals. Bargaining will continue through June 2023.


In April, SFU and the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) went to the BC Labour Relations Board (LRB) and agreed to proceed through an informal process with the Vice-Chair’s assistance. The parties returned to the bargaining table for a total of three weeks between April 24 and May 19, 2023, bargaining Research Assistants (RAs) for 5 days, and the Certified Bargaining Unit (CBU) for 10 days.

Research Assistants

After 5 days of bargaining, the university and TSSU did not reach agreement for Research Assistants. SFU’s bargaining team tabled an offer that is consistent with PSEC’s Shared Recovery Mandate.and SFU’s commitment to becoming a living wage employer. The parties have no further bargaining dates scheduled.

On May 29, TSSU launched a new campaign encouraging RAs to sign union cards. The Voluntary Recognition Agreement states that the TSSU may apply directly to the Board for a variance rather than continuing the voluntary recognition path to certification. More information will be shared on this topic as it becomes available.

TSSU Certified Bargaining Unit

Some progress was made during the 10-day period of negotiations for the CBU but the parties were unable to reach agreement, despite the University tabling the maximum allowable general wage increases under PSEC’s Shared Recovery Mandate.

Following the last bargaining session, TSSU conducted a new strike vote among its members on May 23 and 24. It is important to note that a strike vote does not yet mean a bargaining unit is on strike until they further communicate their intention to go on strike based on a strike vote/mandate and commence job action.

The University and TSSU will bargain on June 8, and SFU has offered to be available at any time to continue discussions and work toward a solution.

SFU’s bargaining team will continue to look for solutions to present to TSSU to resolve collective bargaining, avoid job action and reach a fair deal with CBU members.