Update on TSSU Negotiations

May 24, 2023

Last month, SFU and the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) went to the BC Labour Relations Board (LRB) and agreed to proceed through an informal process with the Vice-Chair’s assistance. The parties returned to the bargaining table for a total of three weeks between April 24 and May 19, 2023, bargaining Research Assistants (RAs) for 5 days, and the Certified Bargaining Unit (CBU) for 10 days.

After 5 days of bargaining on RAs, the university and TSSU did not reach agreement.

Some progress was made during the 10-day period of negotiations for the CBU. On Friday, May 19, on the tenth day of bargaining, the University and TSSU each presented comprehensive proposal packages. These complete packages were intended to narrow the gap of outstanding matters and to focus parties on outstanding priorities.

In SFU’s package, the University tabled the maximum allowable general wage increases under PSEC’s Shared Recovery Mandate. With many of the fundamental issues remaining unresolved, the parties were unable to reach agreement. TSSU indicated they will conduct a new strike vote on May 23 and 24 with the intention of taking job action.

The University has offered to be available at any time to resume discussions and work toward a solution. To date, TSSU has declined to schedule any further bargaining meetings.

SFU’s bargaining team will continue to look for solutions to present to TSSU to resolve collective bargaining, avoid job action and reach a fair deal with CBU members when the TSSU is prepared to return to the bargaining table.

We care about the academic success of our students, supporting our outstanding faculty and staff and nurturing a thriving, world-class research environment. We are focused on resolving this difficult situation as quickly as possible.