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Welcoming Canada HomeShare to Metro Vancouver

August 03, 2021

The Faculty of Communication, Art, and Technology is partnering with Canada HomeShare to launch Metro Vancouver HomeShare. This is a housing initiative that strengthens intergenerational connections within the community.

Addressing housing needs across the lower mainland, the Metro Vancouver HomeShare program matches SFU students with adults aged over 55 years who have a bedroom available for rent.

In exchange for below-market rent from $400–$600, students will provide some light assistance around the home, such as walking a pet, mowing the yard, or offering technical support.

The initiative offers support for both parties by evaluating applications, coordinating homeshare matches, and providing professional support throughout the duration of the housing agreement.

With this partnership, Canada HomeShare advisory committee member Sobhana Jaya Madhavan looks forward to advocating for innovative solutions within the community.

“The Canada HomeShare program helps address two critical problems in Canada - social isolation among older adults and a dire need for more affordable student housing,” she shares.

As Metro Vancouver continues to grow in diversity, Canada HomeShare offers the community a unique balance of independence and companionship.

“Canada HomeShare allows older adults to continue to thrive in their own home. It is not just getting extra help in the home, it is allowing older adults to continue to live where they are and how they are,” Canada HomeShare’s chief technology officer James Hull says.

The Metro Vancouver HomeShare Program is seeking 10 FCAT students and older adults who would like to share a home this fall. This program efficiently supports FCAT students with safe and affordable housing, while providing assistance and rental income for the homeowner.

Canada HomeShare started as The Toronto HomeShare Pilot Project in 2018. It became a fully funded program in 2019 and aims to expand across the country.

Learn more about the program on our website.