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Inaugural Uggla Family Scholars cohort begin their SFU journey

November 16, 2021

Last year we announced that Lance Uggla and his family were committing $34.1 million to support exceptional undergraduate students at SFU, in perpetuity. And now the scholars are here! The first cohort of Uggla Family Scholars began their studies at SFU this September and are already reaping the benefits of this unprecedented scholarship.

As part of the scholarship, the students’ tuition, fees, books, housing and expenses are fully covered but the scholars are also now part of a comprehensive leadership program providing co-curricular opportunities for personal growth and development, including financial management and wellness.


During an in-person reception in October, Lance and his family had the opportunity to meet SFU’s first cohort of Uggla Family Scholars—the first of many events where student and the Ugglas will have the chance to connect. Lance shared his advice and hopes for the students, including a few of his secrets to business success. Advice that is useful to us all:

  • Be knowledgeable: Ensure you’re not just an expert in your field, but be informed on a variety of topics.  To achieve this, read as widely as possible.
  • Work hard: Working hard is critical – but you can only work hard if you love what you do. So find what you love and you’ll do better than everyone around you – and you’ll have fun doing it.

“SFU was honoured to welcome Lance and his family to SFU and we were thrilled that our first cohort of Uggla Family Scholars were able to meet the Ugglas and begin what we hope is a lifelong connection to this remarkable family. The tremendous generosity of the Uggla family will help to change lives, advance society and enable SFU to continue its growth as a leading advocate of equity, diversity and inclusion.”

Joy Johnson, SFU President and Vice-Chancellor


The Uggla Family Scholarship is aimed at any student with a clear financial need that might not be able to go to university otherwise. The program also looks to support those who identify as Indigenous, Black, a person of colour, members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, or students living with disabilities. It is a reflection of the Uggla family’s deep commitment to social mobility, equity, diversity and inclusion.

The unprecedented gift from Lance Uggla and his family has created a significant legacy. Driven to create opportunities for all students to attend university and succeed, the Uggla family has partnered with other institutions globally and initiated similar programs at Lance’s other alma mater, the London School of Economics, and the Lubuto Childcare Centre in Kabwe, Zambia.

Once fully rolled out, these three scholarship programs will provide a university education for 100 talented students across the world in any given year. This kind of global impact is remarkable and a testament to Lance’s vision.

SFU is deeply grateful to the Uggla family for their visionary philanthropic support and the opportunities this program will create for students to achieve their full potential. SFU is proud to be a part of this program and able to provide access to education for deserving students. Uggla Family Scholars are strong leaders, mentors and change-makers who will become future leaders throughout society. More information on the Uggla Family Scholarship at SFU can be found here: