Staffer’s diligence, positivity and patience helps IT clients transition to online and back

July 13, 2022
A desktop support analyst, Mehdi Eftekhari has been awarded a 2021 Staff Achievement Award for work performance.

Mehdi Eftekhari looked twice when he saw the email come through. Congratulations on your award? It took him a minute to realize he indeed was nominated by several clients for the 2021 Staff Achievement Award for work performance. This award was recognizing his patience, positive attitude, and diligence during the early pandemic days getting folks set up to work from home and when it was time to return to campus.

Eftekhari played a significant role in alleviating stress for these SFU clients. At the start of the pandemic, change was the only constant and teams were scrambling to get settled. Desktop support analysts were in high demand and his hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

Eftekhari has been with SFU IT Services since 2015, and in his current desktop support analyst role since 2018. It all started when he would drive up to the top of Burnaby Mountain to enjoy a cup of coffee with a view and he thought about how lovely it would be to work here. Seven years later he’s here in a role he enjoys, working with a great team, and he still has that cup of coffee on the mountain.

“I used to be a software developer and really enjoyed solving IT issues,” Eftekhari says. “I enjoyed that feeling of pride when you not only figure out a solution, but you’ve figured out the best solution. As a desktop support analyst, that’s our team goal when working with clients: find the best solution in the most efficient way.”

Eftekhari prides himself on ensuring those he supports get a good experience and that they feel like it wasn’t a burden to have asked for help in the first place.

“I want to leave clients feeling like I’ve done a good job and I want them to feel the same. I get to visit different areas of campus, working with different clients, solving their IT issues so they can do their job effectively. It’s rewarding.”

Those that nominated him remember how stressful those first few weeks and months of the pandemic were: figuring out how to work from home and accessing files, setting up Zoom, new software and new workspaces (among many other pandemic-related stressors). It was a whirlwind, but Eftekhari supported clients with his calm demeanor and optimistic attitude. He knew folks were already struggling, why make it harder? He made sure he was accessible, friendly and that clients felt supported along the way.

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SFU’s annual Staff Achievement Awards recognize staff members for their achievements and contributions to the university or the community. The awards are a way to showcase some of the great work being done at SFU and in the community by inspired and outstanding staff members. Read more