HR and Faculty

Nominate your colleagues for their outstanding achievements

October 11, 2022

We are pleased to announce the call for nominations for the annual Staff Achievement Awards.

We want to recognize staff members who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to the university or their community this past year.

The SFU community is invited to nominate staff members for one of the 10 categories. To find out how to nominate your colleagues, please visit the SFU Human Resources website.

The deadline to submit has been extended to Oct. 30, 2022.

Award Categories

Athletic/Artistic Achievement Award:

Achieving local, national or international success in any facet of physical or artistic endeavours.

Community Contribution Award:

Giving of time and energy to foster goodwill and compassion for others.

Diversity & Inclusion Award: 

Exemplifies strong advocacy for diversity.  Values, respects and supports the SFU community across a broad range of differences to enhance sense of belonging and inclusion.

Innovation Award:

Development and improvement of methods, processes and procedures by demonstrating original thinking in extraordinary and rewarding benefits for the betterment of the the SFU community.

Leadership Award:

Exemplifies significant leadership skills such as the ability to lead and guide Staff, develop Staff talents and successfully manage an efficient and effective unit at the highest level.

Lifetime Achievement Award: 

Demonstrating years of leadership, devotion and commitment to Simon Fraser University over the course of their employment.

Personal Achievement Award: 

Overcoming adversity or prevailing over difficult circumstances by demonstrating courage, resilience and determination.

Student Service Award:

Enhancing the University’s ability to meet their Employee/Student needs in an efficient and professional manner by going the “extra mile” and anticipating and proactively meeting their expectations.

Team Award:

To recognize Staff teams that exemplify collaboration and cooperation; and that demonstrate a significant contribution with results on behalf of their Department and the University. This award must be for a minimum of two Staff members working together.

Work Performance Award: 

Demonstrating work performance that is consistently above and beyond the call of duty.