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Sustainability and climate action plan monthly spotlight: Operations

January 03, 2023
SFU’s 2022-2025 Strategic Sustainability and Climate Action Plan has 6 goals, and for the month of January, SFU will be sharing updates surrounding Goal 5: Operations. Some of the vice-president, finance and administration (VPFA) portfolio sustainability champions are pictured above, including Martin Pochurko, VPFA.

In November 2022, Simon Fraser University deepened our commitment to sustainability and climate action with the release of SFU’s 2022-2025 Strategic Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. All SFU vice-president (VP) portfolios will support the plan’s six goals with action and implementation plans developed in collaboration with the central SFU Sustainability team. 

This year, there will be monthly spotlights highlighting each of the six goals within the plan. This month, our first feature of the series is Goal 5: Operations. Goal 5 works to embed climate (mitigation and resilience) and sustainability into all operational decisions and projects and work to achieve milestones toward the United Nations-led Race To Zero campaign commitment. The accountable portfolio is VP Finance and Administration (VPFA).

“Sustainability and climate action is a foundational priority for the VPFA,” says Martin Pochurko, VP Finance and Administration. “Building sustainability objectives and practices into the day-to-day operational services we deliver for the university will continue to be a key component of how we do what we do. The delivery of Goal 5 will formalize this commitment and establish sustainable measures and achievements that will continue to benefit our SFU and local community.” 

Throughout the month of January, we will share the progress being made on the Goal 5 web page and over the SFU Sustainability Twitter channel.  

Below are some initial highlights:

  •  SFU’s inaugural carbon footprint document;
  • New student ambassador and their work with the ReUse for Good program;
  • Waste management (four-stream) work;
  • Fossil fuel divestment to investments that support the local community;
  • The Corix Biomass Plant and how it’s reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) for the university;
  • Sustainable procurement; and
  • Many more to come!

For more information, please visit the Goal 5 web page on the SFU Sustainability website. 

Learn more about the VPFA portfolio at