About the Platform



Thanks to a series of grants starting in 2004 by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation to Simon Fraser University, the SNF New Media Lab has developed the “Intelligent Online Tutor” Learning Management System.  The “Intelligent Tutor (IT)” is a student-centered Online Learning Platform used at both the secondary school and university level for online course distribution. Initiatively developed for the instruction of Greek Language / Cultural Online courses to Universities in North America and China, the Tutor has expanded to cover a vast of array of subjects and content.

The New Platform for First Nations Revitizilation

The new platform is result of 3 years of collaboration between First Nations partner communities, academic partners and the SNF New Media Lab. The technology developed in the platform addresses the most important needs of both learners and language experts.

Technical Highlights

  • Complete Scope and Sequence Courses and Apps
Specific Language Instruction / Acquisition Tools

  • “Mobile-First” Design Technology
Allows both educators (organizations) and learners to measure success through comprehensive platform