Elita’s Experience in SFU Global Asia:

What influenced you to take GA courses? How did you hear about them or what made you want to take them?

I was looking to take a history course and I stumbled across GA 200 [Introduction to Chinese Civilization] when looking through course lists. I come from a Chinese-Taiwanese household and I have always been curious about where certain traditions came from. This course peaked my interest and I decided to enrol.

Is there anything about GA that stands out compared to other courses you have taken at SFU? What feels unique about them?

I come from the Faculty of Science so my classes are normally huge. I really appreciated the fact that GA classes were smaller and therefore more personal. The classes went beyond the material and there were a lot of discussions. For me personally, I loved the fact that I could connect to the culture and traditions taught. I would see things taught in class in my day-to-day life which was definitely more fun than memorizing information just to forget it when the semester ends.

Can you describe a memorable experience from one of your GA courses?

My most memorable experience was doing a media analysis on China in the World Today. I chose the topic of protests regarding the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill in Hong Kong. Through that assignment, I learned so much about current world topics and even had a discussion with my dad about it, who is originally from Hong Kong. It was memorable because the assignment was relevant to my daily life and was the first time I asked my parents for help in a course.

Does GA fit in with your major? Why do you believe GA is worth taking?

I don’t think Global Asia really fits in with my major because it is in the science. My friend was definitely shocked when I told her that I would be taking GA 200. I believe these courses are worth taking because you learn so much about cultures and traditions and it is interesting even if it’s not the same ones you grew up with. Through this, you learn to understand people better and it allows you to gain insight into the people around you. I totally recommend GA courses to others. The readings I got in GA 200 were a bit long sometimes for me personally but they resulted in fun discussions. It’s always intriguing to learn about how a civilization came to be.