Nadine Attewell, Global Asia Program Director, asked new GA graduate Jamie Tee about her time in the GA Program and her plans for the future. Here is what Jamie had to say:

"I think that being a GA student has given me a lot of opportunities. It has been an amazing experience broadening my vision of Asia, both culturally and historically. My experience studying abroad in Japan has particularly highlighted that. I learned that the  "Asia" looks very different from North American and Asian perspectives. The exposure from the minor has raised my awareness of cultural issues and motivated me to stay informed about current affairs in different regions. I distinctly remembered a GA course that I took in which I learnt so much about Korean history, culture, and socio-economics.

"Right now, I am really feeling the pressure of adulting as I embark on a new journey. I am actively searching for employment, and I am happy to share that I have scheduled several interviews - it has been great so far. I am excited to apply what I have learnt in the Global Asia minor in the future as part of my career, though it will certainly take me time to achieve my goal." - Jamie Tee.

Jamie Tee graduated in June 2023 with a double minor in Education and Global Asia. Congratulations, Jamie!