Rosabella’s Experience in SFU Global Asia:

What influenced you to take GA courses? How did you hear about them or what made you want to take them?

I was always interested in other cultures, religions and history. I found that GA courses have always catered to my curiosity about these things which really drew me to take courses in the GA program.  I found out about the GA program when I needed to take courses for my WQB (Writing, Quantitative, Breadth) requirements and I found a class I was interested in that fit into the Breadth-Humanities requirement which worked out perfectly.

Is there anything about GA that stands out compared to other courses you have taken at SFU? What feels unique about them?

I found that GA courses were very unique compared to other courses I have taken at SFU.  In one of my GA courses, there was a field trip experience that really helped me understand the content that I was learning.  Having the field trip was a great hands-on way to get the class engaged and helped us break away from the traditional learning setting.

Can you describe a memorable experience from one of your GA courses?

One memorable GA experience I had was during my Asian-Canada identities course [GA 301]. We were studying a documentary from an Asian-Canadian film-maker and we had the chance to have that film-maker as a guest lecturer and get her take on making the documentary and the process of her journey as a film-maker.

I had taken GA 303 [Food and Drink in Japanese History and Society]. One of the components of the course was a field trip to the Vancouver Japanese Language School. We were given the opportunity to witness and participate in a traditional tea ceremony, wear a yukata, and make rice balls with volunteers at the language school. It was a great experience because talking about food and drink all semester can only go so far but by making it and experiencing it, it adds to our understanding of how important tea ceremony still is. 

Does GA fit in with your major? Why do you believe GA is worth taking?

I find that GA fits into my major as I would one day like to become an EAL teacher. The GA program allows me to expand my way of thinking and become more interculturally competent.  I believe GA courses are worth taking as you meet a lot of people with similar interests if you're passionate about the content.