Shiraz’s Experience in SFU Global Asia:

What influenced you to take GA courses? How did you hear about them or what made you want to take them?

I was born in East Africa and my parents were born in Asia. They taught me Indian languages but not Asian history.  Global Asia [enabled] me to learn history and traditions of India, China, and Japan. I love cooking and eating healthy food so the first course I took was GA 303 [Food and Drink in Japanese History and Society].

Is there anything about GA that stands out compared to other courses you have taken at SFU? What feels unique about them?

I have taken education courses and they are very Euro-centric and based on the experiences of European traditions. The Global Asia program makes education more inclusive.


Can you describe a memorable experience from one of your GA courses?

Some of my memorable experiences include getting to participate in the Japanese tea ceremony, reading Chinese literature, watching justice friendly Chinese films, and listening to a Chinese film-maker as a guest lecturer.

Some of my creative assignments were on the history of rice, Japanese Pacifism, Asian poetry, feminist film-makers, and the history of Christianity and Islam in China and Japan.

Does GA fit in with your major? Why do you believe GA is worth taking?

I am a life-long learner and the Global Asia program broadens my education on Asian history and traditions. Global Asia is worth taking and if possible all SFU students should take it.