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2005 [show/hide this year]

November 2005

In November, the new IATSU website went online. The site design was created by Janet Khuu. To be continued...

October 2005

IATSU held a Costume Contest and a Pumpkin Carving Contest for Halloween, which was very successful. IATSU also gave a presentation to the SFSS at their first Board of Directors meeting held at the Surrey campus. IATSU advocated for the creation of a campus constituency group that would represent all students at the SFU Surrey campus, not just Interactive Arts students; advocated for an equitable level of funding for SFU Surrey students; and advocated for staff support at the Surrey campus. IATSU also decided to improve its Web presence, and Janet Khuu volunteered to produce a new website for the Union.

September 2005

In September, IATSU held a Week of Welcome event in partnership with the SFU Surrey Salsa Club. IATSU also began working on a campaign called the "Project Infinity Campaign," calling on the SFSS to provide increased autonomy and funding equity for SFU Surrey students. As a part of this campaign, IATSU encouraged SFU Surrey students to vote at the SFSS Annual General Meeting. A resolution that would give satellite campuses voting representation on the SFSS Board of Directors was on the agenda. Unfortunately, the meeting did not achieve the necessary quorum of 500 students.

July 2005

In July, IATSU sought to improve relations with BASS (Business Administration Student Society) and CSSS (Computing Science Student Society), since those organisations have members at SFU Surrey. IATSU also looked into setting up a bank account, re-establishing their web site, and preparing an event for Week of Welcome.

IATSU also spoke out about parking issues at SFU Surrey. The administration decided to distribute parking passes through a lottery system, whereby every student taking one or more classes at Surrey could obtain a parking pass. IATSU was concerned that this would not be appropriate for Surrey, because many students do not come to class five days a week (making such students' parking spots empty for large periods of time), and because of the potential for the system to be abused by Burnaby students who wish to obtain a cheap parking pass.

June 2005

In June, a number of changes were made to the IATSU Constitution, making it a much smaller document, with a much smaller number of executives. Under the new system, Brian Malkinson became "Vice-President, Operations" and Tien Le became "Communication Officer". The following were elected as interim executives:

The Union also discussed plans for the fall semester.

May 2005

The Executive met in may and discussed plans for the year.

April 2005

(Assume it was held this month.) In the general elections, the following were elected:


2004 [show/hide this year]

February 2004

In February, IATSU sold roses for Valentine's Day, and acquired 209 "Infinity" pins for distribution to graduating SFU Surrey students. "Infinity" was the logo of the Technical University of British Columbia (TechBC), and the 2004 graduating class would be the last class to have originally been TechBC students. IATSU also held a "Games Day" event in partnership with the Go Anime club. Aaron Ottho was also elected as Forum Rep.

January 2004

The new IATSU website was online for the spring semester of 2004. Also, president Kevin Jaako resigned from his position, resulting in interim elections late in the month. Andrew Drinkwater was elected as the new president, while Tanya Lisle filled his position as Director of Social Activities, and Adda Torok took on the open role of Director of Internal Affairs.

2003 [show/hide this year]

November 2003

The constitution was changed to reflect the new name of IATSU, as well as to shorten the length of time required between proposed changes to the constitution, and those changes being made.

October 2003

The September elections were held in an attempt to fill the remaining executive positions.  The results were as follows:

Also in October, the Unnamed Student Society was officially renamed. From here on it is known as the Interactive Arts and Technology Student Union, or IATSU. The first IATSU-managed events, the pumpkin carving contest and the Spooky Graveyard dance/party, were held in late October around Halloween and were a great success.

July 2003

The Constitution of the Unnamed Student Society was revised to simplify the procedures used to call meetings, to add a new position of Director of Communication on the Executive, and to incorporate the creation of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Titus Gregory resigned as Director of External Affairs and Forum Rep, due to his increasing responsibilities as a member of the Senate and the Board of Governors of SFU.

May 2003

The Senate approved the creation of a School of Interactive Arts and Technology, replacing the Program in Information Technology and Interactive Arts.

April 2003

Elections were held for the Executive of the Unnamed Student Society, one week after SFSS elections. The new Executive consists of:

Since there are seven vacancies, we hope to recruit new Executives in early September, when classes start again. In the meantime, we plan to revise our Constitution and plan all the activities that we want to do over the next year.

Titus Gregory was elected to the Senate and the Board of Governors of Simon Fraser University, making him the second student senator and the first student governor from SFU Surrey.

March 2003

The Coffeehouse / Talent Night was a great success, highlighting the great amount of talent present at SFU Surrey. We also prepared for the Graduation Celebration, in partnership with the SFU Surrey campus administration.

February 2003

We continued to plan for the coffeehouse and the graduation celebration. We also consulted with the Academic Honesty and Integrity Taskforce and with the Learning Management System committee (both being SFU bodies).

January 2003

We started to plan two major projects: a Coffeehouse / Talent Night and a Graduation Celebration. We also looked into increasing student representation on SFU Surrey academic committees and improving our Student Lounge.

2002 [show/hide this year]

December 2002

We held a General Meeting in order to discuss our priorities for the coming year, and to elect four new Executives:

We also held a Christmas party, in partership with the SFU Surrey campus administration.

November 2002

The students of SFU Surrey voted on two matters during this month: the U-Pass, and the Unnamed Student Society executive. Six executives were elected:

We also lobbied the SFU Surrey Long Term Planning Committee regarding our concerns regarding the future of SFU Surrey.

October 2002

In October, we held our first major event: Clubs Day. This event attracted about one dozen clubs, both SFU Surrey and SFU Burnaby clubs, and a large number of SFU Surrey students. We also worked on editing our Constitution, and ratified this Constitution at a general meeting. We also held a Halloween party, in partnership with the Canadianized Asian Club.

September 2002

In September, the outgoing members of the (now defunct) Learner Association met to discuss the future of their organization. Three options were laid on the table: forming an independent student society, on par with the SFSS; forming a kind of campus council, under the SFSS; or registering as a Departmental Student Union under the SFSS. The first option was unanimously preferred. However, further research led us to the conclusion that their would be very large legal and administrative barriers to achieving options 1 and 2, so the decision was made to register as a Departmental Student Union. We met with the SFSS to discuss this process. David Brokenshire, an SFU Surrey student, was elected to the Senate. 




TechBC Learner Association site
TechBC Learner Association site



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