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Africa-focused Research and Engagement Day

9:00am-3:30pm, October 22, 2018 | SFU Harbour Centre 7000

The SFU African Studies Working Group and SFU International are pleased to invite you to a multi-disciplinary Africa-focused Research and Engagement Day, a one-day workshop for SFU faculty and graduate students who work on Africa-related research. The main purpose of this event is to facilitate colleagues doing work related to Africa to get to know each other and make connections throughout the day. To meet this goal, we have organized a fast-paced schedule of brief research presentations in the morning. The afternoon will be dedicated to discussions about how we might further develop African Studies at and through SFU. We envision this day as leading to further engagement and collaboration of SFU scholars.

This event is free and lunch will be provided. Space is limited so please RSVP at by October 12, 2018.

Please click here for the agenda.

For information about the event, contact For more information about the SFU African Studies Working Group, contact Elizabeth Cooper or Shaheen Nanji.


Innovate: New Approaches to Canadian International Cooperation

Symposium & DevLab

JUNE 6, 2018

Joseph & Rosalie Segal Centre, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

JUNE 7, 2018

Segal Graduate School, 500 Granville Street, Vancouver

Vancouver is a hotbed of social innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological development in multiple sectors, including information technology, biotechnology, and alternative energy. Join us for this unique two-day Symposium and DevLab that will bring together academics, entrepreneurs, NGOs, funders, social innovators and technology experts to incubate new ideas to address issues of local and global concern.

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France and Canada: Changing Countries in a Changing World

Presentation (in English) by Mrs. Kareen Rispal, Ambassador of France to Canada

When: Thursday, February 8 at 4:00pm

Where: Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs, Cornerstone Building, 198-8960 University High Street, Burnaby

Two years after the election of Justin Trudeau shook up the Canadian political landscape, Emmanuel Macron won an unexpected landslide victory in France. Both leaders are relatively new faces for the general public, but share a number of aspirations on the world scene as regards climate change, free and fair trade, human rights, and the benefits of multilateralism for peace and prosperity. French ambassador Kareen Rispal discusses how they try to tackle those challenges in a changing world, and the means we have at our disposal to do more, together. After an introductory presentation, the Ambassador will take questions from the audience.


6 Degrees Vancouver: Are You Home?

When: Monday April 24th, 2017
Where: SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings Street

For refugees, immigrants, Indigenous peoples and settlers, notions of home are complex. In Canada — and particularly in unceded Coast Salish territory — questions of home, belonging, and who is welcoming whom are constantly scrutinized. Who is “home” in Canada and who is not? How do we reconcile home with place of origin? Are you home?

Canada, who some say is still becoming a country, may indeed find itself the last defender of pluralism, liberalism, and even globalization with its principles of equality and inclusion. But are these the luxuries of prosperity and geography and if so, how do we firmly fix them in our national identity? Never before in our history have our ideals and self-conceptions been so closely examined nationally and internationally.

6 Degrees Vancouver explores the roles, responsibilities and the potential of Canada in 2017 to see whether we have our own house in order and if not, how we can shore up our foundations.

SFU International has partnered with SFU Public Square, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, 6 Degrees, and Vancity to present 6 Degrees Vancouver, during which, we will explore the notion of belonging and feeling at ‘home’ in Canada. The event will feature the Rt. Hon. Adrienne Clarkson, John Ralston Saul, Ivan E Coyote, Nelofer Pazira, Sirish Rao, Angela Sterritt, Max FineDay, Nadine Caron, Rima Berns-McGown and more.

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Sustainable Development and Resilience Workshop

The global community is faced with some stark and urgent challenges pertaining to rising inequalities, threats to health and wellbeing, natural resource depletion, environmental degradation, and climate change.

Academia and research organizations can play a significant role in addressing the underlying challenges by: creating and synthesizing new knowledge that responds to key policy and development questions; developing qualified human resources that can pursue innovative approaches for meeting international development goals; and, serving as a platform through which extensive and evidence-based dialogue can take place, essentially testing out various international development scenarios and pathways.

This workshop will highlight three research themes related to international development and the Sustainable Development Goals 2030

1. Climate change impacts and responses through adaptation and resilience building. 
2. Global water security and its intersection with human rights. 
3. Emerging global health challenges and consolidated international responses.

The Sustainable Development and Resilience Workshop coincides with International Development Week (IDW) (February 5 to 11th). For more information on IDW, visit IDW page.