Eric Simons

MA Candidate, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University


Eric’s MA research involves the relationship between traditional knowledge (TK) and archaeology. While he intends to explore the creative methods by which these two ways of knowing have historically interacted to yield new understandings about the past, his focus is primarily on areas of epistemology. Of interest are archaeology and TK’s related but different goals and means of producing knowledge.

For Eric, IPinCH has represented, among other things, an emboldening statement that the work of cultural heritage must be carried out in constant considered engagement with implicated communities and the public. He intends for his research on the relationship between TK and archaeology to proceed with a similar attitude, considering such questions as under what terms is knowledge of the past produced? and who benefits from knowledge sharing?

Prior to pursuing an education in archaeology, Eric received a BFA in visual art from SFU, worked in provincial and federal politics, and managed a community-supported farm. These experiences provided opportunities to engage in socio-political dynamics in a variety of contexts. Perhaps as a result, he has from the outset approached archaeology as a socially-implicated activity, reflective and generative of the present as much as the past.

Eric has a BA in archaeology from SFU and CRM experience in coastal BC. He is currently an MA candidate under the supervision of Dr. George Nicholas.