George Smith

George Smith

Department of Anthropology, Florida State University

With his experience in cultural heritage management, archaeology curriculum development, and site protection IPinCH associate scholar George S. Smith adds additional international and interdisciplinary perspectives to the project. He is a registered professional archaeologist and is currently teaching Cultural Heritage Management at Florida State University.

He was Associate Director at the Southeast Archeological Center, worked for the Archeological Assistance Division of the National Park Service, was a Research Associate in Archaeology and Curator of Archaeology (Acting) at the University of Alaska Museum, and was an archaeologist with the Cooperative Park Studies Unit, Anthropology and Historic Preservation at the University of Alaska. He has served on various committees of the Society for American Archaeology (SAA). These include the Save the Past for the Future Steering Committee, the Public Education Committee (PEC), PEC sub-committee on Public Sessions that organized the first two "Archaeology for the Public" sessions at the SAA national meetings (chair), and co-chaired the Task Force on Curriculum. This Task Force received an NSF grant to enhance the undergraduate archaeology curriculum to include stewardship, diverse pasts, social relevance, ethics and values, written and oral communication, fundamental archaeological skills, and real world problem-solving. He served on the Executive Boards of both the SAA and the Florida Archaeological Council. He served on the World Bank Expert Panel which was convened to help review the World Bank's policy for Management of Cultural Property in Bank-financed projects.

He has worked with several universities in the U.S. and Europe with respect to archaeology in higher education. He is currently working with a consortium through Indiana University to provide cultural heritage management training in Kyrgyzstan. He organized a workshop held in association with the World Archaeological Congress meetings entitled Working Together: Archaeology in Global Perspective. As a follow up to that workshop he co-organized two international workshops: Preserving the World's Cultural Heritage: Public Policy and Heritage Resource Management;and Heritage Values in Contemporary Society. He is currently co-organizing a workshop in China entitled Heritage Values in China: Identifying, Evaluating and Treating Impacts to Cultural Relics and also one in Mexico dealing with Heritage Values. He has recently been appointed to the Editorial Board for the journal Heritage Management. He has been approved for candidacy for the international Fulbright Senior Specialists Program in the area of Cultural Resource Management and Historic Preservation and is a member of US/ICOMOS and an expert member of the International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management. 

Recent Publications:

Messenger, Phyllis Mauch and George S. Smith (eds.)
2010 Cultural Heritage Management: A Global Perspective.  University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. (in press, expected mid-June)).

Smith, George S., Phyllis Mauch Messenger, and Hilary A. Soderland (eds.)
2010  Heritage Values in Contemporary Society. Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, California.