Jane Azzam

Jane Azzam

Research Contracts Lawyer, University of Western Australia 

Research key words: 
Intellectual property law, comparative law and indigenous rights.

Jane is a legal counsel at the University of Western Australia (UWA), where her work is mainly focused on research collaboration agreements. Jane has worked towards streamlining the legal approval process for research collaborations and investigating the distinctive legal issues that arise in a university context. 

She was awarded a Fay Gale professional development scholarship by UWA to research the ways in which indigenous intellectual property rights were managed in research collaboration contexts, given the shortfall in intellectual property legislation.

Jane was previously awarded a national professional development scholarship by the Society of University Lawyers to research the administrative and governance structures of clinical trials in a university context and undertook meetings with various universities in both the United States and England to further understand the complexities of the clinical trials process. 

More recently, she has spent time in Canada volunteering with the Yunesit’in Government to support the Dasiqox Tribal Park initiative and to investigate whether the Tribal Park initiative could be implemented in Australia. 

Jane’s areas of interest in law are intellectual property, comparative law and indigenous rights.