K.A. Gabrielle Hughes

DPhil Candidate, School of Archaeology, Wadham College, University of Oxford

Gabe holds Master degrees in both Art History and Archaeology from the University of Oxford, where she is presently a DPhil Candidate in Archaeology, specializing in Cultural Heritage Law. 

She is a Wampanoag and Mi’kmaq drummer, artist and First Nations rights activist, and is passionate about critical heritage and museum studies. Since arriving in Oxford, she has co-founded the social enterprise TalkAbout, aimed at connecting communities with one another through heritage, and the Oxford Indigenous Student Initiative, providing a network for Indigenous students and visiting scholars.

Her doctoral research focuses on Indigenous internet communities, digital culture and intellectual property law. She is interested in using alternative bodies of law as legal protection for Indigenous forms of cultural expression when standard IP law fails. She is excited to learn from and collaborate with experts in the field through IPinCH.