Krista Zawadski

Krista Zawadski

MA Candidate, Department of Anthropology, University of British Columbia

Krista is of mixed ancestry, specifically Inuit (Nunavut) and German/Polish. Krista's MA research is focused on Indigenous museums and heritage centres across Canada and the United States, specifically in isolated locations. Part of her research also explores accessibility to archaeological and museum objects by source communities and the implications it has on cultural revitalization and maintenance. Her research interests include community collaboration, Indigenous museums, Indigenous/community-based archaeology, material culture studies, and circumpolar cultures.

Krista has participated in a number of projects with the Inuit Heritage Trust (an IPinCH Partner Organization) in Nunavut, including a number of archaeological field schools, the Heritage Training Program and the Heritage Leadership Program.

In 2014 Krista participated in the Smithsonian's Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology (SIMA) at the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC. Her research at SIMA focused on art motifs of traditional Inuit and Yupik tattoos and the motifs found on needle cases across the Arctic.

Previously, Krista worked for the Lands Department in the Kivalliq Inuit Association (KIA) in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. She was involved in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) work surrounding Inuit-Owned Lands. While at KIA she was involved in a place names project, as well as consulting with communities and digitizing traditional ecological knowledge onto maps.