Lia Tarle

Lia Tarle

PhD Student, Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University


Lia is a PhD student in the Department of Archaeology at Simon Fraser University, under the supervision of Dr. George Nicholas. She has a variety of research interests, including Palaeolithic archaeology, museum exhibition and curation, museum ethics, and repatriation.

Her PhD research will focus on the treatment of human remains in museums. Specifically, she will examine the ethics of displaying human remains.

Lia has an MA in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University, and a BA (Hons with Distinction) in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies from the University of Victoria. Her BA research focused on evidence for language in Neanderthals, and her MA research focused on the use of clothing among Neanderthals and early modern humans in Europe. She has also studied museum curation and communication at the University of Victoria, and Spanish at the University of Havana.