Maddy Fowler

Maddy Fowler

Adjunct, Department of Archaeology, Flinders University

Research key words: 
maritime archaeology, Indigenous archaeology, mission archaeology, maritime cultural landscapes, archaeologies of attachment, shared landscapes

 Maddy’s Ph.D. research (Archaeology, Flinders University, 2015) directly related to Indigenous maritime cultural landscapes and decolonising archaeology. She is interested in exploring ways in which Indigenous participation in maritime activities can be seen in archaeology and the recording of intangible heritage through the presence of tangible heritage. Her dissertation involved community-based research with the Narungga community with a focus on Point Pearce Mission, South Australia (S.A.). Her primary supervisor was IPinCH Associate, Amy Roberts.

Maddy’s principal interest in archaeology is the study of maritime cultural landscapes in Australia’s historical period. Her honour’s thesis (Archaeology, Flinders University, 2011) focused on the maritime cultural landscape component of shipwreck landscapes, in Port MacDonnell (S.A.). She later developed an interest in issues relating to the underrepresentation of Indigenous peoples in research into Australia’s maritime cultural landscapes. While still aligned with her general interest in maritime archaeology, she has reoriented her research goals towards cross-disciplinary maritime, Indigenous and historical issues. 

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