Teresa Nichols

Teresa Nichols

Postdoctoral Fellow, Project Manager for “Learning NAGPRA,” Indiana University

Teresa graduated with her PhD in Anthropology (with a concentration in Archaeology and Social Context) in 2014 from Indiana University, where her graduate research in Mongolia focused on understanding the role of international aid and non-profit organizations in cultural heritage preservation.

She also has longstanding research interests in how the rights of Indigenous peoples are understood and implemented differently around the world, along with how anthropological and archaeological research is utilized by governments and development organizations in their work with minority groups.

Since 2015, she has managed Indiana University’s “Learning NAGPRA” project and has been conducting research on how students learn and educators teach about NAGPRA and professional ethics in anthropology- and museum studies-related programs.  The four-year “Learning NAGPRA” project aims to improve the educational resources available on issues relating to professional ethics, working with human subjects, building cultural competency and relationships with Native American communities, and NAGPRA consultation and compliance.

After her fellowship, Teresa plans to continue a career in applied social science research to contribute to improvements in cultural heritage policy and ethics pedagogy.