Kristen Dobbin

Kristen Dobbin

IPinCH Communications Specialist, 2013-2016

MA, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto 


Kristen is responsible for the development and implementation of the project communication strategy, and for facilitating effective communication both within the team and with diverse external audiences.

Educated in both anthropology and art history, Kristen’s academic background reflects many of the scholarly themes that are central to the IPinCH project. Her MA research in Anthropology at the University of Toronto explored the complex ways in which memory, trauma and identity are embedded in historical photographs for Indigenous Sami in Arctic Scandinavia today. Kristen continues to be interested in the intersections of anthropology and photography, both in her research and in her own photographic practice.

Kristen has held research positions at the University of Toronto and the University of Tartu’s Centre for Applied Social Science (Estonia), and has worked in the research, management and conservation of photographic collections in galleries and museums. She has also worked in administration and communications in the architecture and urban planning industry. 

Kristen was a member of the IPinCH team for over two years, as a Research Assistant for the Cultural Tourism Working Group (2010-2014) and as a consultant on project communications (2012), before taking on her position as Communications Specialist (2013-2016). 


Related Publications

Dobbin, Kristen. 2013. 'Exposing Yourself a Second Time:' Visual Repatriation in Scandinavian Sápmi. Visual Communication Quarterly, Special Issue: Domestic Digital Images in a Globally Networked Era, 20.3.