Me Rongo Congress Proceedings Now Available!

Me Rongo Congress Proceedings
Jun 21, 2013

In November 2011, IPinCH partner organization, Hokotehi Moriori Trust, organized the Me Rongo CongressMe Rongo is a Moriori term for “in peace” and the core themes of the Congress were sustainability, respect for the sacred, and cultural continuity.

As the dedication in the Congress proceedings reads: “The Congress has been an event that has been part of the cultural identity of these islands for hundreds of years. A commitment to establishing and holding on to a covenant of peace and conflict resolution has been in place on Rekohu for over 500 years – the world’s oldest known consistent peace tradition.”
The Congress events included lectures on subjects such as consensus decision-making and reconciliation, and workshops on bone carving, weaving, and clay art. The full Congress Proceedings are now publicly available in PDF format on the IPinCH website.

View the Me Rongo Congress Proceedings here >