IPinCH Speaker Series / Maui Solomon: Indigenous Rights and Cultural and Intellectual Property - Challenges Facing Maori and Moriori Today

Apr 30, 2013

In this recording, IPinCH team member Maui Solomon discusses Indigenous rights and intellectual property with insights into the challenges facing Maori and Moriori in New Zealand and on Rekohu (Chatham Islands) today. <--break- />

Maui gives an overview of the Aotearoa/Rekohu experiences in dealing with, for example, the Indigenous flora and fauna (WAI 262) claim, fisheries, mining and exploration, settlement of Treaty of Waitangi claims, intellectual property rights and heritage protection, fresh water rights and the foreshore and seabed case. He also discusses how some claims have been influenced by Canadian First Nations experiences, particularly in relation to fisheries and foreshore and seabed claims by Maori.

This IPinCH Speaker Series event was presented by the Department of First Nations Studies and the IPinCH Project at Simon Fraser University. 

Total Time: 1:04:57