IPinCH Conversations / Cultural Commodification, the Law and Ethics

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Catherine Bell
IPinCH Conversations
May 03, 2013

In this video, legal scholar Catherine Bell chats with IPinCH Project Ethnographer Alexis Bunten following the IPinCH "Cultural Commodification, Indigenous Peoples & Self-Determination" symposium & workshop. 

Catherine discusses the idea of protection through commodification, strategies to change public consciousness on commodification, moral imperative and ethics, law reforms as well as alternatives to it.

“We have learned how to work in the spaces in-between because the law will only get us so far. It’s those spaces in between— and ethics— that can really help us deal with some of these issues where the law can’t...We should be thinking about…how we can empower indigenous law through ethics.”


Catherine Bell is Professor of Law at the University of Alberta, specializing in Aboriginal legal issues, cultural heritage law and collaborative, community-based legal research. She is internationally recognized for her work in the area of cultural heritage law and Indigenous peoples. Alexis Bunten is the IPinCH Project Ethnographer.

Interview by Alexis Bunten. Video editing by Aynur Kadir. Filmed in May 2013. Music courtesy of Mique'l and Mike Dangeli of the Git Hayetsk Dancers.


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