IPinCH Conversations / Reconciliation and Repatriation

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Robin R.R. Gray
IPinCH Conversations
August 13, 2014

In this episode, Robin R. R. Gray, PhD Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at UMass Amherst, discusses her community-based participatory action project to repatriate a collection of Tsimshian sound recordings back to her community.

She asks, “What are the motivations, possibilities, and obstacles associated with reclaiming tangible and intangible heritage?”

“When we talk about cultural heritage we’re talking about something that is an expression…expressions of ancestral knowledge systems that are the responsibility of the people from that culture.” 

Robin’s research responds to community identified needs and celebrates the resistance and resilience of Indigenous peoples to survive and thrive in the face of direct colonial threat and imposition. Robin is an IPinCH Fellow and the Student Representative on the IPinCH Steering Committee. Check out Robin’s IPinCH profile for more on her work. 

Video produced by Alexa Walker and Aynur Kadir (filmed in Oct 2013).  Music courtesy of Mique'l and Mike Dangeli of the Git Hayetsk Dancers.


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