Global Collaboration

IRMACS Remote Collaboration 2005 - 2009IRMACS hosted almost 500 remote collaborations between institutions around the world in 2009. The number of remote collaborations has grown steadily since IRMACS introduced the widespread use of advanced collaboration technologies to the SFU research community. This growth is clearly visible in the image to the right.

These remote collaborations occur with institutions around the world. The image below displays the number of collaborations that IRMACS research projects had with insitutions in North America in 2007. Each arrow denotes a site with which IRMACS hosted a collaboration, while the size of the arrow represents the number of collaborations held with that site during the 2007 calendar year. The largest arrows represent over 30 meeting with a single institution. To interactively view this data set using GoogleEarth, you can download the Google Earth KMZ file. The GoogleEarth file contains both the North American  collaboration sites and the overseas sites that IRMACS researchers collaborated with during this time period. You will need GoogleEarth installed on your computer to view this data.

IRMACS Global Collaborations