11th Anniversary Celebration & IRMACS Day


irmacs logoOn this 11th IRMACS Day we will pause for an afternoon to commemorate the past decade of research in the Centre and the many people involved.  In anticipation of the expansion and transformation of the IRMACS Centre as part of SFU’s exciting new Big Data Initiative, we will explore future initiatives that IRMACS researchers might pursue.

We hope that you will be able to join us! Please mark your calendars and register for this free public event.

The IRMACS Centre's 11th Anniversary

Over the past eleven years the IRMACS Centre has successfully:

  • nurtured interdisciplinary research, collaborative interaction, and creativity at regional, national and international levels;
  • promoted the sharing of its resources, laboratory space, seminar and discussion rooms, and a broad array of specialized equipment;
  • provided researchers from diverse backgrounds with versatile, technologically sophisticated infrastructure and state-of-the-art computational, visualization and communication resources;
  • fostered community involvement;
  • served as an open space for scientific and community events; and
  • by providing inspiration and enlightenment, helped scientists from all walks of academic life to perform their research at the highest level.

Since the IRMACS Centre officially opened in April 2005, thousands of SFU researchers as well as researchers from around the world have engaged in research projects, scientific seminar series, workshops, and conferences hosted and organized by the Centre. 
None of this would have been possible without the far-reaching vision and leadership of Dr. Peter Borwein, the Founding Director of the IRMACS Centre.

We dedicate this celebration of creative collaboration and research innovation to all current and former members of the IRMACS community.

For the session on April 8th we invite all members and friends of the IRMACS Centre and all scientists from across Simon Fraser who are involved in, or curious about, interdisciplinary research to join us in marking this event.

Participation in the 11th IRMACS Day comes with no cost, but for planning purposes we ask all interested to register.

Schedule - Friday, April 8

2:00 Welcome by Felix Breden, IRMACS Centre Executive Director
2:15 Mark Brockman, CRC, Life Sciences Related to Human Health and Disease
2:35 Jiguo Cao, CRC, Statistics and Probability
2:55 Poster presentations and demonstrations
3:45 Stephen Robinovitch, CRC, Injury Prevention and Mobility Biomechanics
4:05 Mark Collard, CRC, Human Evolutionary Studies
4:25 Poster and demonstration prizes by Pam Borghardt, IRMACS Centre Managing Director
4:35 Presentation of the Peter Borwein Scholarship to Bernard Chan by Veselin Jungic, IRMACS Centre Deputy Director
4:40 Closing remarks by Felix Breden, Veselin Jungic & Pam Borghardt
4:50 - 6:30 Reception and celebration of the IRMACS Centre legacy

All events will take place at the IRMACS Centre, Simon Fraser University

Contact Pam Borghardt at pam@irmacs.sfu.ca for more information.