Technical Support at the IRMACS Centre

Technical Support collage

"The Staff and Technical Support - Wonderful. Helpful in every respect. IRMACS facilities - Spectacular!"
Marc Chamberland, Department of Mathematics, Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa

The IRMACS technical staff act as a research resource for interdisciplinary researchers at IRMACS, at SFU, and across the country. Our goal is to help the Centre's users collaborate on interdisciplinary research, regardless of physical boundaries. The highly skilled IRMACS support team can assist you with utilizing any of the IRMACS technical resources, including the IRMACS computer infrastructure, computational cluster, collaboration, and visualization infrastructure.

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IRMACS's technical staff provides hands-on training sessions on a range of IRMACS' technologies including computational science, advanced networking, human-computer interaction, collaboration, and visualization. This training both enhances trainees' research experience and also provides them with a solid basis of knowledge about technologies that will become increasingly important in their professional careers.

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