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Simon Fraser University offers two online survey options. Both are available to faculty, staff, and students who have an active SFU Computing ID: FluidSurveys and SFU WebSurveyNote that FluidSurveys will only be available until March 31, 2018 and a transition plan is not yet complete. SFU WebSurvey, however, will be available for the foreseeable future.


Notice of Service Changes

Update, January 8, 2017:

FluidSurveys access was purchased by SFU as part of a BCNet Consoritum Master Agreement to provide survey software to Higher Education institutions in British Columbia. The parent company of FluidSurveys, SurveyMonkey, announced that the FluidSurveys product would be discontinued shortly after SFU started using the software. BCNet and the consortium members, including SFU, have been working to provide the replacement survey solution over the last several months, and that replacement is now identified. The replacement product for the Consortium will be SurveyMonkey, hosted in a Canadian datacentre and with similar security and privacy provisions that were in place for FluidSurveys. We will retain access to FluidSurveys until March 31, 2018.

BCNET has done some of the work that we need to move to the new SurveyMonkey product, including Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), on the underlying technology for SurveyMonkey.  The next step for SFU is to continue with our own PIA submission, reflecting the specific implementation and use of the software at SFU itself.  Our ability to sign off on a contract with SurveyMonkey is not yet guaranteed, and the determination of an availability date is dependent upon our completion of that review. Updates to the process will be announced here.

Summary details of the current status of FluidSurveys and the potential SurveyMonkey transition plan is:

  • SurveyMonkey and BCNet submitted a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for the components of the SurveyMonkey software to the BC Privacy Office. That PIA was successful in supporting that the software could be used by institutions that are part of the existing Master Agreement. That means that SFU can choose to participate in the procurement of a contract for the new service
  • Although the PIA process is complete from the BCNet/Consortium perspective, SFU's own Privacy Office needs to separately approve of our own PIA for that software from an SFU perspective for our specific implementation, in order to ensure that it correctly identifies and mitigates both legal and prviacy issues as needed under FIPPA. 
  • There remain challenges in that the existing PIAs: for example, even though a PIA for a third-party supporting technology for SurveyMonkey was completed by BCNet, as a client of SurveyMonkey, SFU would have no contractual relationship directly with that third party. That means that the PIA as it stands does not bind that company to their reported infrastructure/process/etc. descriptions in any way; in FluidSurveys the product and infrastructure was run by the same organization, which simplified this substantially.
  • SFU has access to FluidSurveys by SurveyMonkey until Mar 31, 2018. Beyond that date we will have no access. Any survey data that you need to keep beyond that date should be downloaded prior to the end of service.
  • The ability to launch SurveyMonkey at SFU and the exact timing of that availability are still to be determined and will be contingent upon approval by our own Privacy Office; until Mar 31, 2018 the use of FluidSurveys remains fully supported.

Logging in to FluidSurveys

Check the box below to reveal the log-in link for FluidSurveys. 

By using FluidSurveys with your SFU Computing ID, you agree to be bound by SFU's Terms of Service for FluidSurveys.

SFU is offering access to FluidSurveys, a full-featured web survey tool with a wide variety of question types and reporting. This service is provided to support surveys for University-related teaching, learning, research, and administrative purposes. The FluidSurveys application and data are hosted in Canada by a commercial provider external to SFU. 

FluidSurveys Terms of Service

As FluidSurveys is an external provider of service to SFU, support for the service is provided directly by FluidSurveys and SFU policies and guidelines related to the use of personal information are subject to SFU's Terms of Service for FluidSurveys.

Your use of the FluidSurveys' service at SFU is voluntary, and your use of the service indicates agreement with Terms of Service Agreements for FluidSurveys and its parent company, SurveyMonkey Inc., and the SFU Terms of Service for the use of FluidSurveys with your SFU Computing Account.

FluidSurveys is hosted in Canada, however the parent company, SurveyMonkey, Inc. is owned and operated in the United States of America. Use of the FluidSurveys service is subject to SurveyMonkey's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Services Agreement.  

If the Terms of Service or external hosting of FluidSurveys' data is unacceptable for your survey, SFU continues to offer an in-house WebSurvey solution. While not as full-featured as FluidSurveys, the SFU WebSurvey application and all survey data is hosted entirely in the SFU data centre. 

SFU WebSurvey

The entire SFU WebSurvey application and its data storage is hosted entirely within SFU's datacentre. While not as full-featured as FluidSurveys, SFU WebSurvey provides a solution for data collection in cases where externally hosted solutions may be problematic.

SFU Websurvey is the most appropriate tool to use in any of these cases:

  • personal data is to be collected in the survey where the Terms of Service of SurveyMonkey, Inc. may be in conflict with privacy, legal, or other requirements related to the use of that survey.
  • the provision of personal data to the survey is considered mandatory for some University business (eg. as an assignment or as a component of an assignment in a credit course)
  • if you expect that your survey may extend beyond the end date of the FluidSurveys deployment at SFU. Our current expectation is that FluidSurveys will be available at SFU no later than March 31, 2018.

SFU WebSurvey has a history of providing reliable, secure, locally hosted online surveys. Compared to FluidSurveys, the feature set is more limited, and frequently requested features such as conditional questions or branching are not available in WebSurvey. 

SFU WebSurvey Terms of Service

The use of SFU Websurvey is primarily governed by University Policy GP-24, Fair Use of Information and Communications TechnologySFU WebSurvey is available to anyone currently holding an SFU Computing ID for University-related activities. 

Logging in to SFU WebSurvey

The SFU WebSurvey application may be found at

FluidSurveys and SFU WebSurvey FAQ

Which survey tool should I use?

There are several considerations:

FluidSurvey is the most full-featured of the two options, has more types of questions available, includes a good selection of starter templates, and offers frequently requested features such as 'branching' available within surveys. FluidSurveys will meet the widest range of needs.

However, even though FluidSurveys is hosted in Canada and meets the requirements of BC's FIPPA legislation, the parent company, SurveyMonkey, Inc. is US-owned and this has implications for support access (see our SFU FluidSurvey Terms of Service page for more detail). The SFU WebSurvey application and data are entirely hosted at the SFU datacentre and support is provided by SFU staff in Canada, only.

FluidSurveys is a hosted product with a service end date of September 29, 2017. If you have ongoing survey needs past the end of service/lifespan of FluidSurveys at SFU, using SFU Websurvey is expected to provide more long-term availability.

If you are using your survey as a mandatory requirement for course work or similar activity with FluidSurvey, you may need to consider using a personal information disclosure consent form and/or have alternative methods available for the student/etc. to complete that activity.  Please contact the Information and Privacy Officer in the Archives and Records Management Department for the correct consent form to use. SFU WebSurvey would typically require no such consent form.

Who provides support?


All support for the FluidSurveys Service, including all end-user and survey support, is provided by FluidSurveys. Requests for FluidSurveys support can be made by directly contacting FluidSurveys.

FluidSurveys provides direct support for:

  • product feature capabilities 
  • surveys creation and best practices 
  • technical issues

Any issues reported by survey respondents to the survey administrator should also be directed to FluidSurveys

Online tutorials, how-to documentation, information about survey creation, advanced topics and techniques, and best practices can be found at FluidSurvey University, the FluidSurvey learning and support site.

SFU IT Services can only provide support related to account authorization and access through the CAS login page. See for contact addresses and options.

SFU WebSurvey

Support for SFU WebSurvey is via email at We support the configuration and use of the application itself, but cannot provide expertise in areas of survey design, best practices, and related topics.