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Volume 1, Issue 1 (2007) Pp. 1–34.

Extending the Prosodic Hierarchy: Evidence from Lushootseed narrative
by David Beck, University of Alberta, and David Bennett, IBM Canada

In the traditional Prosodic Hierarchy, the topmost level is the Utterance. This paper presents evidence from Lushootseed narrative for a higher-level prosodic constituent, the Phonological Paragraph. Phonological Paragraphs are marked by patterns of Utterance-level F₀ peaks, which decline over the length of the Paragraph and are reset to mark the beginning of a new discourse-level prosodic unit. Phonetic evidence for Phonological Paragraphs is supported by morphosyntactic data and coincides with components of narrative structure. These patterns, therefore, can not represent a random or involuntary epiphenomenon, but must be considered an integral part of the grammar.

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