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Volume 2, Issue 2 (2008) Pp. 1–26.

Serial Verbs and Complex Paths in Klallam
by Timothy Montler

Klallam expresses complex paths in constructions that involve series of motion and location verbs. When no medial legs are mentioned, the end legs (source and goal) of a path are denominal verbs marked by prefixes meaning ‘go to’, ‘go from’, and ‘be at’. Medial legs, marked by a verb meaning ‘go via’, differ from end legs in that their constituent structure must include a prepositional phrase specifying the trajectory or manner of motion. When a medial leg is specified, a goal appears as a renominalized derived verb in a complement clause. The legs form distinct constituents that can be put in any order, with the subject and other enclitics following whichver word comes first.

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