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Demonstrations are classified for the most part by the Physics Instructional Resources Association (PIRA) Demonstration Classification System (DCS). The motivation for this classification is described in PIRA DCS. This classification system has become a standard.

Most demonstrations in this catalogue are formatted according to the layout in Sample Demonstration. Please view this. Some demonstrations are arranged differently when more practical to do so.
A list of the abbreviations used in the references section may be found in Demonstration Books.

Disclaimer: All demonstrations are posted for the convenience and benefit of faculty and staff in the Department of Physics at Simon Fraser University and are not intended for outside use. The author(s) assume no responsibility or liability for the use of information contained on this site. Warnings and precautionary measures listed on this site assume normal operation of equipment and are not inclusive. Demonstrations may pose a significant hazard and can, in some instances, result in death; reasonable safety precautions must be taken. Demonstrations should be performed by qualified individuals only.

Prepared by Jeff Rudd, 1999
Revised by Laura Schmidt, 2007