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Demonstrations are listed by the divisions in the PIRA DCS. See here for subheadings in the DCS.

1A- Measurement
1A.10. Basic Units
1A.20. Error and Accuracy
1A.30. Coordinate Systems
1A.40. Vectors
1A.50. Math Topics
1A.60. Scaling
1C- Motion in One Dimension
1C.10. Velocity
1C.20. Uniform Acceleration
Coin and feather
Equal time equal distance drop
1C.30. Measuring g
1D. Motion in Two Dimensions
1D.10. Displacement in Two Dimensions
1D.15. Velocity, Position, and Acceleration
1D.40. Motion of the Center of Mass
1D.50. Central Forces
Ball on string
Conical pendulum
Pail of water
Waiter's tray
Coin on coathanger
1D.52. Deformation by Central Forces
1D.55. Centrifugal Escape
1D.60. Projectile Motion
1E- Relative Motion
1E.10. Moving Reference Frames
1E.20. Rotating Reference Frames
1E.30. Coriolis Effect
1F- Newton's First Law
1F.10. Measuring Inertia
1F.20. Inertia of Rest
Inertia ball
Tablecloth pull
1F.30. Inertia of Motion
1G- Newton's Second Law
1G.10. Force, Mass, and Acceleration
1G.20. Accelerated Reference Frames
1G.30. Complex Systems
1H- Newton's Third Law
1H.10. Action and Reaction
1H.11. Recoil
1J- Statics of Rigid Bodies
1J.10. Finding Center of Gravity
Meter stick on fingers
1J.11. Exceeding Center of Gravity
1J.20. Stable, Unstable, and Neutral Equilibrium
Balancing man
Balancing bird
1J.30. Resolution of Forces
1J.40. Static Torque
Torque bar
1K- Applications of Newton's Laws
1K.10. Dynamic Torque
1K.20. Friction
1K.30. Pressure
1L- Gravity
Falling apple story (anecdote)
1L.10. Universal Gravitation Constant
Cavendish balance (video references)
1L.20. Orbits
1M- Work and Energy
1M.10. Work
1M.20. Simple Machines
1M.30. Non-Conservative Forces
1M.40. Conservation of Energy
Suicide pendulum
Galileo, or stopped, pendulum
1M.50. Mechanical Power
1N- Linear Momentum
1N.10. Impulse and Thrust
1N.20. Conservation of Linear Momentum
1N.21. Mass and Momentum Transfer
1N.22. Rockets
1N.30. Collisions in One Dimension
Collision balls
Double ball drop
1N.40. Collisions in Two Dimensions
1Q- Rotational Dynamics
10. Moment of Inertia
20. Rotational Energy
30. Transfer of Angular Momentum
40. Conservation of Angular Momentum
50. Gyros
Maxwell's top
60. Rotational Stability
Celt, or rattleback

Disclaimer: All demonstrations are posted for the convenience and benefit of faculty and staff in the Department of Physics at Simon Fraser University and are not intended for outside use. The author(s) assume no responsibility or liability for the use of information contained on this site. Warnings and precautionary measures listed on this site assume normal operation of equipment and are not inclusive. Demonstrations may pose a significant hazard and can, in some instances, result in death; reasonable safety precautions must be taken. Demonstrations should be performed by qualified individuals only.

Prepared by Jeff Rudd, 1999
Revised by Laura Schmidt, 2007

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