We are committed to our vision to be Canada’s leading engaged university. We’ll build on this vision with students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners to help SFU become even greater.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

An equitable, diverse and inclusive SFU is deserved by all. We need to create an environment where everyone feels like they’re treated with respect and where there are equal opportunities for engagement and success. As we work toward inclusion for all, we are committed to doing more, and doing better.

  • Engage in a self-assessment/data-gathering on diversity and inclusion

  • Develop more robust and equitable recruitment, retention and progression for faculty and staff

  • Increase capacity and awareness of EDI educational opportunities
  • Enhance inclusion for equity-deserving groups

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Important reconciliation and decolonization work is being done across SFU by individuals, teams and departments as the university continues the process of implementing the Walk This Path With Us report’s calls to action. We need to deliver on the commitments made in the ARC report, transforming the university and becoming a leader in Indigenizing our curriculum.

  • Safe and welcoming Indigenous spaces
  • Innovation and Indigenization in curriculum and research
  • Student pathways and support
  • Administration, hiring and project implementation

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Student Experience

SFU students are the changemakers at the heart of this university. We engage students to learn about their priorities and ideas, and to understand their needs and goals. We’re committed to strengthening SFU’s supports and services for students and to enriching the student experience.

  • Students come to SFU for a university degree with relevance and meaning. We’ll create new opportunities for vibrant, enhanced and active learning experiences - inside and outside the classroom.
  • We’re working to ensure that all students feel welcome and supported, finding ways to enrich student life across all aspects of their journey with SFU - in-class, on campus and in communities.
  • We know that affordability is a concern for students. We’ll develop initiatives and partnerships to help increase accessibility.

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