Office of the President

Andrew Petter, President and Vice-Chancellor

SFU’s vision “To be the leading engaged university defined by its dynamic integration of innovative education, cutting-edge research, and far-reaching community engagement”—is both a nod to the past and a prod to the future.

In an era when some post-secondary institutions are focusing their efforts on undergraduate teaching and others are directing their energies to research and graduate studies, SFU is committed to integrating both. We seek to harness the university’s research strengths to enrich the undergraduate student experience even as our bright and motivated students stimulate an increasingly creative and productive research environment. 

Likewise, SFU’s strong community connections broaden the scope of our educational and research endeavours and increase our abilities to benefit the communities we serve. As a result, our students acquire valuable workplace knowledge and civic awareness. Our faculty members gain unique opportunities to participate in community-based research and research partnerships. And communities derive a range of benefits, including infrastructure investments of the kind that have enhanced and transformed the neighbourhoods in which our three campuses are located.

But these aspects don't exhaust SFU's positive attributes. Our undergraduate curriculum combines writing, quantitative skills, and breadth of study requirements with extraordinary flexibility to enable students to chart their own learning paths.

In the classroom, laboratory and community, SFU continues to set new standards of excellence. 

We are the first Canadian research university to have gained candidacy for US accreditation, a process that will enable us to further heighten and validate our high educational standards, and to increase our profile abroad.

At the same time, our strong international partnerships draw students from around the world while allowing Canadian students to study abroad. The only Canadian university to be admitted to the NCAA, SFU also provides a rich and rewarding environment for athletics and recreation.

With three distinctive campuses, almost 1,000 permanent faculty members, and more than 34,000 undergraduate and graduate students, SFU is frequently ranked as Canada’s leading comprehensive research university.

Now, with our new strategic vision, we are ready to move to the next level and, with the support of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community partners, to demonstrate to the world what it means to be a truly engaged university. 

Andrew Petter,
President and Vice-Chancellor
Simon Fraser University