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SFU experts on B.C. budget

February 18, 2020


Josh Gordon, Public Policy, 604.782.7868,
Steeve Mongrain, Economics, 778.782.3547,
Sanjay Jeram, senior lecturer, Political Science, 778.782.5838,
Rajiv Kozhikode, Beedie School of Business, 778.782.5565,
Melissa Shaw, Communications & Marketing, 236.880.3297,

The B.C. Government will be publicly releasing the annual budget on Tuesday, February 18th at 1:30 p.m.

The following experts are available to speak on different aspects of the budget:

Josh Gordon, assistant professor, Public Policy, 604.782.7868,

Can speak to housing and affordability, public debt

Steeve Mongrain, professor, Economics, 778.782.3547, (English & French)

Can speak to taxation, welfare programs, unemployment insurance, public finance, debt

Sanjay Jeram, senior lecturer, Political Science, 778.782.5838,

Can speak to the political implications of the budget

Rajiv Kozhikode, associate professor, Beedie School of Business, 778.782.5565, (English, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi)

Can speak to corporate political activity, public policy and industry responses, institutions and markets

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