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SFU Experts available on Throne Speech

September 22, 2020

Tomorrow, the federal government will reconvene for the first time since suspending parliament last month to deliver its throne speech, which will also prompt a vote of confidence in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. 

The Liberal government is expected to propose a strategy to tackle rising COVID-19 cases, introduce a new green economic recovery plan and a move toward renewable energy, as well as the country’s overarching long-term recovery.

The following Simon Fraser University experts are available to speak on the upcoming event:  


PETER HALL, professor, urban studies                     
778.782.6691 |  
Topic: local labour markets and employment, economic development, ports and trade-transport infrastructure 

ROBERT ADAMSON, lecturer, Beedie School of Business                    
604.657.1213 |
Topic: environmental issues including carbon pricing, regulation of financial institutions  

SETH KLEIN, adjunct professor, urban studies, author of “A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency” 
604.836.2272 |
Topic: climate change polling, welfare policy, poverty, inequality and economic security 


CARA CAMCASTLE, professor, political science                   
778.887.5585 |
Topic: Canadian politics, party ideologies and policies, election analysis

ANDREW HEARD, professor, political science                   
778.782.3043 | 
Topic: Canadian constitutional issues, confidence voting, elections, senate reform, powers of the Governor General

SANJAY JERAM, senior lecturer, political science                   
604.445.6790 |
Topic: public opinion, ideologies, provincial political cultures, electoral strategy, immigration and diversity issues 

STEWART PREST, lecturer, political science
604.219.9309 | 
Topic: Canadian politics, democratic institutions, internal affairs 


KAREN PALMER, adjunct professor, health sciences
health care policy, health care financing and delivery, hospital funding reform, constitutional challenges to Medicare, comparative health care policy, universal health care


MELISSA SHAW, SFU Communications & Marketing 

236.880.3297 | 

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