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SFU experts available to speak about the outcome of the U.S. presidential election

November 04, 2020

As the dust settles from the U.S. presidential election and votes are still being counted, Simon Fraser University experts are available to speak about the outcome, the issues that have been playing a determining role in the election and what will happen going forward.


Anil (Andy) Hira, professor, political sciences 
778.782.3286 | 
Expertise: the rise of President Trump’s populist leadership and how times have changed through social movements and the effects of COVID-19; why the 2020 U.S. election marked a historic turning point as the majority of Americans have a desire for systemic reform

Aaron Hoffman, associate professor, Department of Political Science
778.782.4162 | 
Expertise: U.S. foreign policy, the connection between foreign policy and the election

Laurel Weldon, distinguished full professor, Department of Political science
778.782.4172 |
Expertise: women, white voters (women and men) and how they are influenced by gender, race and class, the impact of social movements (Black Lives Matter, Women’s March) on the election

Robert Adamson, lecturer, Beedie School of Business
604.657.1213 |
Expertise: political strategy and COVID-19 issues in U.S. and B.C. and Canada, the impact of vaccines and COVID issues on the US election

Steven Weldon, associate professor, Department of Political Science
778.782.4995 |
Expertise: U.S. election, the polls, the “horse-race”, the states to watch, the key issues, the Senate race, campaigns, political parties, opinion polls, far right parties, politics of immigration and diversity

Samir Gandesha, associate professor, director, Department of Humanities
604.726.6704 |
Expertise: policing, racial politics, authoritarianism/fascism/populism, identity politics

Stewart Prest, lecturer, political science
604.219.9309 |
Expertise: the presidential and congressional races, implications of the election for Canada and Internationally


Matt Kieltyka,  SFU Communications & Marketing 
236.880.2187 |

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