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World Oceans Day: Dive into the issues with SFU experts

June 06, 2021

World Oceans Day, marked by the United Nations on June 8, raises global awareness of the need to use our oceans’ resources sustainably, to protect their populations and conserve their resources for future generations.

Oceans Day has been celebrated by many countries since 1992, following the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. In 2008, led by Canada, the U.N. designated June 8 as World Oceans Day.

Researchers at Simon Fraser University have formed a research group, Earth to Ocean, which tackles issues in conservation and ecology of aquatic ecosystems.

The following SFU experts are available to speak on various topics related to our oceans.


PAUL KENCH, dean, science

  • The physical response of coastlines to rising sea levels
  • Impacts of sea level change on coastal communities

NICK DULVY, professor, biology

ISABELLE COTE, professor, biology

  • Marine invasive species
  • The state of global coral reefs and seagrass meadows
  • Climate change effects on coastal ecosystems

ANNE SALOMON, associate professor, environment | 778-866-1646

  • Kelp forests and clam gardens
  • Indigenous small-scale fisheries and marine spatial planning
  • Climate change and ocean governance

HANNAH KOBLUK, PhD student, resource and environmental management

  • Coupled human-ocean systems – Pacific Northwest Coast
  • Recently published in People and Nature on Indigenous knowledge of kelp harvesting
  • Sea otter recovery

RUTH JOY, adjunct professor, environment

  • Southern resident killer whales
  • Salish sea and underwater noise management
  • Anthropause - reduction in ocean noise due to COVID-19

JESSICA PILARCZYK, assistant professor, earth sciences

  • Response of coastlines to climate change
  • Impacts of tsunamis, storms, and sea level change to coastal locations around the world
  • Project leader of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and International Geoscience Programme project on Forecasting Coastal Change


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