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Vaccines and adjusting to the ‘new normal’: SFU experts available

September 15, 2021

SFU experts are available to discuss issues related to the latest outcomes of the ongoing pandemic: the new vaccine card, mandates, booster shots, vaccination protests and how constant connectivity is impacting the workplace.

Vaccine passports:

CAROLINE COLIJN, Canada 150 Research Chair in Mathematics for Evolution, Infection and Public Health

The impact of vaccination and potential impact of the vaccine card on transmission and the 4th wave of COVID-19.

ANDREW SIXSMITH, professor, gerontology

Challenges seniors face adapting to technology including accessing the vaccine card/passport and staying connected virtually.

Vaccine booster shots:

RALPH PANTOPHLET, associate professor, health sciences

The importance of third doses of the vaccine for immunocompromised individuals. Anti-viral neutralizing antibodies, antibody-mediated immunity and vaccine immunology.

Vaccine protests & politics:

CLARE MCGOVERN, senior lecturer, political science

Recent promises from political leaders pledging to criminalize blocking access to hospitals. Human rights, Canadian constitutional law, separatist parties. 

Adjustments in the workplace:

LIEKE TEN BRUMMELHUIS, associate professor, management and organization studies

Pros and cons of being constantly connected through technology on workers and work performance. Her most recent research on the topic.


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