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Bracing for the next atmospheric river—SFU experts

November 30, 2021

British Columbia is bracing for a third atmospheric river expected to bring substantive rain to regions already dealing with flooding. Experts from Simon Fraser University are available to address the ongoing impact of weather activity on the environment and communities. 


ALEX BOSTON, executive director, Renewable Cities |
- The role of sustainable land use in mitigating extreme weather events and BC’s new Roadmap to 2030
- Urban sustainability and planning for a low carbon future 

JOHN CLAGUE, professor emeritus, earth sciences |
- Climate impacts on natural hazards

MAYA GISLASON, assistant professor, health sciences |
- Eco-anxiety, impact of persistent worries about natural resource disasters 

PASCAL HAEGELI, NSERC, Industrial Research Chair in Avalanche Risk Management |
-Impact of rainfall on snow melt; high to extreme avalanche alerts

SEAN MARKEY, professor, resource & environmental management | 
- Rural and urban connections 
- Rebuilding and resilience planning to build back better

TIM TAKARO, professor, health sciences |
- Short- and medium-term human health impacts of flooding
- Climate change connection to atmospheric rivers and extreme rain events
- Toxicants in flood waters and precautions needed

JEREMY VENDITTI, director, environmental science | (limited availability)
- Impact of flooding on river bank erosion; currently researching earlier Fraser River landslide activity (in the Big Bar area)

BRENT WARD, professor, Earth Sciences, co-director, Centre for Natural Hazards Research | 
- Impact of natural landslides on creeks, rivers and fish habitat
- How to make communities more resilient to climate change and specifically flooding
- Timing of major flood events and lingering impacts


ZAFAR ADEEL, professor, sustainable energy engineering|
Economic impacts of flooding
- Water-energy-food nexus and climate change adaptation

STAN HETALO, PhD student, economics|
Economic impacts of severe weather events including cost of damage caused by flooding

, professor, economics (note time difference: currently in Singapore) |
- International trade, maritime transport
- Shipping delays and supply chains
- Commodity prices

ANDREY PAVLOV, professor, finance, Beedie School of Business|
- Economic and financial causes of supply chain issues
- Regulatory impacts on production

TAMMARA SOMA, assistant professor, resource and environmental management |
- Impact of supply demands on the low-income community; equitable and sustainable food systems

ANDY YAN, director, The City Program |
Local effects of climate change: impacts on housing and real estate
- 1948 Fraser Valley floods, creation of the Agricultural Land Reserve and legacy of current flooding