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Russia-Ukraine war & NATO summit: SFU experts available

March 23, 2022

World leaders will gather Thursday (March 24) for a special NATO summit on the war in Ukraine. The date also marks one month since Russia’s invasion. 

Simon Fraser University experts are available for interviews about various topics related to the war, including humanitarian concerns, cyberwarfare, politics, diplomacy, and history.  


STEVAN BOZANICH, PhD candidate, history
Expertise: conflict in Eastern Europe, genocide and military cultures

RADOSLAV DIMITROV, associate professor, political science
Expertise: UN diplomacy, global environmental politics

JAMES HORNCASTLE, assistant professor, humanities, Edward and Emily McWhinney Professor in International Relations
Expertise: International relations, refugees, migration, NATO, Balkan history, special military operations

NICOLE JACKSON, professor, international studies (available by phone/email only)
Expertise: Russia/Ukraine crisis (how it got to this point), Russia’s (military and other) involvement generally in the former Soviet space and conflicts therein, Russian hybrid conflict, Canada (and NATO) involvement in the crisis

SVITLANA MATVIYENKO, assistant professor of critical media analysis, School of Communication & associate director of the Digital Democracies Institute 
(Note: currently in Ukraine, please note 10 hour time difference and please contact to arrange an interview)            
Expertise: general situation, sense of reality on the ground, cyber warfare (DDos, drones, disinformation, social media etc.), Russian imperialism and how it plays out in the current war

DOUG MCARTHUR, professor emeritus, public policy
Expertise: the developing situation in Ukraine, political processes

PAUL MEYER, professor, international studies
Expertise: Russia and Ukraine crisis, the role of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and NATO

ALEX MOENS, department chair and professor, political science
Expertise: NATO, defence relations, great power competition, international security

STEWART PREST, lecturer, political science
Expertise: Canada’s response to the Russian-Ukraine war

AMYN B. SAJOO, lecturer, scholar-in-residence, limited-term lecturer, School of International Studies
Expertise: International law as it applies to the conflict, including war crimes and migration; comparative political responses to the conflict, with regard to sanctions and refugees

IIYA VINKOVETSKY, associate professor, history
Expertise: Russian history including culture, commerce, politics, and colonial practices

ELIS VLLASI, lecturer, political science, NATO Field School
Expertise: Russian influence operations, hybrid warfare and NATO security 


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